Black Girls Smile Inc. was founded in 2012 by Lauren Carson based on the gaps she found throughout her mental health journey as a young African American female with clinical depression. Lauren envisioned a society that through the normalization and dialogue surrounding mental wellness, all individuals, including young African American females would be provided the education, support and resources necessary to lead a positively mentally healthy life. Black Girls Smile Inc. was born!

Vision: Our vision is of a society that focuses on ensuring all young African American females receive the resources and support necessary to lead mentally healthy lives.




         To empower young African American women to take ownership of their mental

         health and stability.


         To advocate on the behalf of young African American females.


         To enhance young African American women’s sense of self and promote positive

         and healthy decision making.


         To improve the life chances of young African American females at risk of and

         experiencing difficulties with mental and emotional health.


         Create a sense of community for young African American females to combat the

         stigmas associated with mental health within the black community.


         To provide information, support, and resources to families of at-risk and

         suffering African American females to assist in fostering healthy, supportive

         and loving family relationships.


 Values: We work as one cohesive organization to promote and implement programs, activities, and initiatives in line with the organization’s mission statement.


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