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BGS actively engages participants in educational activities to promote mental health education and awareness.


Individual program workshops range from one day, 3 days, or eight to twelve weeks.


Most BGS programs can be customized extending to three, six and nine months on-going programs.


Program workshop presentations and materials are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for the participating age groups.


When focusing on sensitive topics surrounding mental health our utmost concern is ensuring a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Increasing mental health literacy

Increasing coping skills

In line with our mission, all BGS programming centers around three core objectives:











Through our evidence-based curriculums and research increasing mental health literacy, coping skill and self-care methods are KEY to leading a mentally healthy life!



Individuals that have high mental health literacy, strong coping skills and self-care methods are proven to:



  1. Report reduce mental health stigma(s), and thus more likely to access mental health resources

  2. Increased resiliency in dealing with stress and trauma

  3. Better health status and reduce likelihood and severity of mental health issues


Black Girls Smile Inc. 2015 Program Overviews:


SHE’s Mentally Prepared
An interactive mental health literacy program that aids in educating youth on mental health, illness and wellness.


Participants gain an understanding surrounding:


 *  The correlation between mental health, illness and wellness

 *  Recognizing warning signs of mental health difficulties

 *  How to help yourself or a loved one experiencing mental health difficulties

 *  How to access available resources

 *  How to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing


Cover Girls

    Isn’t your traditional book club! We ensure our selections ignite conversations surrounding mental wellness       to continuously educate and open up the dialogue surrounding mental wellbeing.


Put Your Mask On First

    Teaches parents, caregivers, coaches, and other stakeholders about general mental health, illness, and             wellness to aid them in not only maintaining positive mental healthiness themselves, but also assisting them     in helping create and foster positive and supportive relationships with their dependents, and how to               provide the support necessary to help their dependents lead mentally healthy lives.


Mental Health First Aid Youth Training

   Youth Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school             staff, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how help an adolescent (12-       18) who is experiencing a mental health or addiction challenges or is in crisis. The course introduces                common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development, and teaches a 5-step      action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations.


We also specialize in the following workshops and classes. Any of the topics outlined below can be customized

based on the time allotted for programming:


 *    Positive relationships

 *    Friendships

 *    Relationships with parents

 *    College Prep

 *    Hero’s Project-Finding Your Passion Project

 *    Coping Skills

 *     Exploring and Expressing Emotions

 *     Positive decision making

 *     Journaling

 *     Vision boards

 *     Meditation

 *     Yoga

 *     Nutrition Classes

 *     Jam Sessions/Open Group Talking (small groups)

 *     Career Day

 *    Positive Self-Image and Self-esteem

 *     Turning Thoughts from Negative to Positive

 *     Creating Self-Care Kits

 *     Stress Management

 *     Mindfulness





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Increasing self-care methods and techniques

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