March 8, 2017

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Understanding Addiction and Its Effect on Your Mental Health: A Suicide Toolkit

July 6, 2017

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Explanation for the “Crazy Black Woman”

March 6, 2013




If you watch reality television then you are probably familiar with the way that the Real Housewives of Atlanta utter “bipolar” when discussing Kenya Moore’s seemingly erratic behavior and “crazy” easily rolls off of tongues when speaking about Jackie from Basketball Wives LA or Erica from Love and Hip Hop New York. Author Angela Brister is arguing that the acts that trigger these accusations in reference to these African American women reality stars are really masking insecurities and depression. In her new book, Black Woman Just Get Your Hair Wet, Brister talks about her own struggle with depression and insecurities. She discusses how she can relate to the way that “wild” and “crazy” African American women reality stars  call for help for their internal issues because it is not acceptable in the black community to seek mental health assistance, and in turn these women act “crazy” to release their demons. The only way for African American women and all individuals alike to lead healthy and fulfilling lives is to seek assistance when necessary to maintain positive mental health and stability.


Through Brister’s book many African American women can relate to her experiences and her journey fraught with depression and insecurities along the way. Hopefully her book can also serve as a tool to learn from the strategies Brister has identified to assist in maintaining positive mental health. We greatly urge you to read this novel not only to harness your “crazy”, but more importantly, to live a full and happy life.


Black Woman Just Get Your Hair Wet is available on Amazon as paperback and ebook.


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