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Give the Gift of Ease this Giving Season

In a nation grappling with a profound mental health crisis, the services provided by Black Girls Smile provide a safe space for Black girls, women, and nonbinary youth to find ease and care. Ease acknowledges the importance of restorative practices that promote self-reflection, joyfulness, creativity, cultural affirmation, and community support as essential components for overall well-being in the face of adversity. As systemic racism continues to cast a long shadow over our healthcare system, marginalized communities often bear the burden of limited access to essential mental health support. This glaring disparity has further amplified the dire need for organizations like Black Girls Smile, which have been unwaveringly committed to bridging these gaps, fostering well-being, and nurturing an ecosystem of care for our community.

It is with this understanding that we are reaching out to you because you’ve supported Black Girls Smile’s journey as a donor, volunteer, community partner, active supporter, or program partner. With your continued support, we can deepen our impact by reaching more Black girls and women, raising public awareness of Black Girls Smile’s work, and meeting our fundraising goal of $10,000 through our end-of-year giving season campaign.

Our work extends beyond the conventional boundaries of mental health services. It serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of Black girls and women who navigate not only the complexities of mental health but also the enduring cultural stigma surrounding it. By offering a supportive, culturally sensitive space for dialogue and healing, we empower our community to embrace their mental well-being without fear or judgment. To our community of over 10,000 Black girls, women, nonbinary youth, caregivers, and advocates, we are committed to expanding our reach and depth of services and resources that support them by ushering more ease into their lives.

Our programs and initiatives range from our Charlyne McFarland Therapy Assistance Program to our intersectionality workshops and wellness pop-ups to our preventative mental health trainings that center the needs of Black girls and women. We seek to instill a sense of ease, confidence, and agency in Black girls and women, enabling them to confront life's challenges while we seek to make systems and cultural changes to have a more profound impact on our healthcare system. As we continue to face this profound national crisis, we are unwavering in our commitment to dismantle barriers, reduce disparities, and create a brighter, more inclusive future where mental health is not just a conversation, but a cornerstone of well-being for all.

You can show our support in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Amplifying our social media content to your social media platforms. You can access our amplification toolkit here

  • Giving a one-time donation

  • Volunteering with Black Girls Smile. You can sign up to be a volunteer here

  • Signing up to learn about hosting a giving circle with your employee resource group, professional association, sorority or fraternity organization, or friend group. You can express interest using this link

  • Completing our end-of-year supporter survey, which you can find here

Thank you for helping us give the gift of ease this giving season!

In wellness,

Lauren Carson

Black Girls Smile Inc. Founder and Executive Director


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