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Our Programs & Workshops

Black Girls Smile actively engages its community in educational activities to promote mental health literacy and awareness. Programs range from single workshops to multi-week cohorts and courses.


On-Demand Workshops 

Join our Teachable community to engage with topics focused on the unique mental health needs of Black girls and women.


SHE's Mentally Prepared

A customizable educational and wellness program curated by Black Girls Smile focused on fostering community.



Alleviating the financial burden of therapy and providing access to competent therapists for young Black women and girls.

Our School & Community Offerings

Black Girls Smile provides programming available exclusively to schools and community centers which include the following components.

Weekly and Biweekly Group Coaching for Students

On-Demand Suicide Prevention Training

Virtual & In-Person Workshops for Students, Faculty, and Parents/Caregivers

Conflict Mediation Support

Reserved Spots in the Charlyne McFarland Therapy Assistance Program

School & Commmunity Offerings
Suicide Prevention

She's Mentally Well

Our new suicide prevention 5-part module program will provide a targeted focus on decreasing suicidal behaviors and thoughts among Black girls and young adults.

Bring BGS to your community!

If you're interested in bringing Black Girls Smile to your school or community center, complete a short interest form and someone from our team will be in touch.

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