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Charlyne McFarland
Therapy Assistance Program

Honoring BGS Founder, Lauren Carson's late grandmother

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The Charlyne McFarland Therapy Assistance program began in January 2020 to honor the memory of BGS' founder Lauren Carson's grandmother, Charlyne McFarland.  Charlyne McFarland dedicated her life's work to provide social services to the most vulnerable and under-served communities.


​The Therapy Assistance Program aims to alleviate the financial burden of seeking therapy for young Black women and girls. Through the program, BGS and our partners connect Black women and girls with culturally, racially, and gender-competent & sensitive providers to meet individual therapeutic needs.

How It Works

The Therapy Assistance Program provides financial support for approximately 2-6 months of therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional. Recipients can work with a current licensed mental health provider, a provider from our vetted list, or through one of our provider partner networks such as Open Path Collective or BetterHelp.

We accept requests from individuals identifying as Black/African American and femme (including pronouns she/her/hers and they/their/theirs).


Applications are currently closed.

You can still get support...

We invite you to check out our preferred provider list, mental wellness resource, and virtual and in-person mental health workshops and programs.

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