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BGS Invites You To Take A Look Behind The CurtainsOf This Year’s Black Girls Are Magic Conference

This weekend, June 11-12, 2022, Black Girls Smile will host its annual Black Girls are Magic Conference. This year’s theme is “Freedom is Our Birthright”. Also this year, after two and a half years, we have the opportunity to connect not only virtually, but also in-person.

The conference will include panel discussions on the state of Black girls, that will focus on the dangers they face from racial discrimination and stereotypes, adultification, the stigmatization and lack of accessibility to quality mental health resources. How do we envision a safe world for Black girls where they feel honored, and cherished as their authentic selves?

In the last year, athletes like gymnast Simone Biles and tennis player Naomi Osaka, both have been criticized and applauded for their stance on prioritizing their mental health over performance.

How does an athlete process the pressures of heightened performance and expectations of coaches, teammates, parents, and fans while prioritizing mental health? Panelists experts will open a discussion about how to navigate assessing healthy mental wellness as an athlete.

During the SHE’s Mentally Prepared Strategy Session, participants will be armed with coping skills to apply when they experience emotional distress or as a daily mental health maintenance regimen.

We have the pleasure of hosting cultural influencer Sesali Brown as the panel lead for our conversation on helping Black girls find their collective voice as Black Femmes.

We understand that we may be exploring some heavy topics, so in between panel discussions there will be opportunities to participate in guided breathwork and journaling, as well as introducing treatments like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping to add to participants’ mental health wellness toolkit.

This year’s conference lineups also provide some guided discussions for the parents and caregivers in Black girls’ lives.

Don’t miss one minute of this AWESOME 2-day event!

Learn more.

Register here.

Check out sessions from last year’s event on BGS YouTube page.


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