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Black Girls Smile Becomes Recipient of the Goldman Sachs' One Million Black Women Grant

On June 15th, financial institution Goldman Sachs announced that Black Girls Smile was one of fifty awardees of the One Million Black Women: Black Women Impact Grant. In the next two years, Black Girls Smile will receive funding ranging from $50,000-$250,000 to expand program offerings. Black Girls Smile was chosen among over 800 applicants, from various disciplines around the U.S., as part of Goldman Sachs multi-year $10 million philanthropic investment in the advancement of Black women.

“We are excited that Black Girls Smile was chosen for this prestigious honor. Succeeding the 2020 racial reckoning, many organizations have deserted their efforts to prioritize racial, economic, medical, and social equity. With this grant, Goldman Sachs is helping to push the needle towards equitable mental health accessibility for young Black women and girls,” said Lauren Carson, founder of Black Girls Smile.

The proceeds from the grant will help scale Black Girls Smile operations and address sustainability challenges.

“One of the problems nonprofits face, particularly those led by Black women, is access to multi-year capital. While we appreciate all the donations we receive, monetary limitations hinder our ability to provide mental health support to more young Black women and girls in various locations across the country,” explains Paige Woods, associate director of Black Girls Smile.

In its tenth year of operations, Black Girls Smile has provided mental health education, resources, and support to more than 15,000 young Black women and girls across the United States.

Read the official Goldman Sachs press release .


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